DLUT International Summer/Winter Session

Advanced Mathematics

  • 课程中文名:高等数学
  • Course Description
  • This course is designed for students to prepare for the study of advanced mathematics. It focuses on learning to formulate proofs of theorems using logical understanding. Students will learn the language and philosophy of higher mathematics. Topics include fundamentals of logic and mathematical statements; proof strategies; sets theories and functions; equivalence relations and partitions; functions and their properties; cardinality, countable sets and infinite sets, and counting techniques; ordered and well-ordered sets.

    Prerequisite: Calculus III and fundamental math courses.

  • Textbook(s)
  • A Transition to Advanced Mathematics, 8th Edition, Douglas Smith, Maurice Eggen, Richard St. Andre, 2014

  • Instructor
  • Email: Zhang Hongwei | Dalian University of Technology
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