Course Hours and Credits

The semester credit hour is the basic unit of academic credit granted by Dalian University of Technology (DLUT). One semester credit is equivalent to one contact hour (50 minutes) of faculty instruction time per week for 15 weeks. Therefore, the total contact time for a whole semester is determined for all sessions. Course credit offered in DLUT International summer/winter session is equivalent to the same course credit offered in the fall/spring term in DLUT.

Equivalent total contact time of a course (1 credit to 4 credits) is calculated as below. ALL summer/winter session courses must follow this policy.

1-credit course: 1 credit × 50 min × 15 weeks = 750 contact minutes (15 contact hours)

2-credit course: 2 credit × 50 min × 15 weeks = 1500 contact minutes (30 contact hours)

3-credit course: 3 credit × 50 min × 15 weeks = 2250 contact minutes (45 contact hours)

4-credit course: 4 credit × 50 min × 15 weeks = 3000 contact minutes (60 contact hours)

Course Format

Each class has an enrollment limit of 20 students. Classes are taught in English except for Chinese language courses. Classes are conducted by a combination of in-class lecture, discussion, research, and case study. The attendance policy follows the regulations of DLUT.

Academic Integrity

DLUT expects all students to do their own work. Instructors will fail assignments that show evidence of plagiarism or other forms of cheating, and will also report the student's name to the University administration. A student reported to the University for cheating is placed on disciplinary probation; a student reported twice is suspended or expelled.

Grading Policy

The course grade follows the DLUT grading system and policies. Please refer to the following grading system for details.

Percentage Grade GPA
90-100 A 4
85-89 A- 3.7
82-84 B+ 3.3
78-81 B 3
75-77 B- 2.7
72-74 C+ 2.3
68-71 C 2
64-67 C- 1.5
60-63 D 1
< 60 F 0