Dalian University of Technology

"211 Project" and "985 Project"

Dalian University of Technology is directly under the Ministry of Education is the national key universities, is also the national "211 Project" and "985 Project" key construction colleges and universities. The school has 4,321 teaching staff, including 2650 full-time teachers, doctoral tutors 726 people, full-time teachers are 808 senior titles, deputy senior titles 1098 people. School existing undergraduate 25380 people, Master's degree 10537 people, doctoral students 4836 people.

The school takes the talent training as the essential task, the undergraduate education and the postgraduate education equal importance, has formed takes the science and technology primarily, the rationale, the work, the classics, the management, the literature, the law, the philosophy, the art and so on coordinated development's multidisciplinary system. Since 2012, Dalian University of Technology has won 8 China Patent Awards with the first completed unit, including 1 Gold Award. There are currently 9 disciplines in the top 1% of ESI international disciplines, including engineering and chemistry in the top 1;12 disciplines to enter the QS World discipline ranked Top 500, the list of subjects listed in the 17th place of domestic universities. It is one of the ten pilot schools for carrying out the reform of engineering education in the country, one of the first pilot schools for the innovative experimental program for college students in the country, the first model colleges and universities for deepening the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education in the country, and one of the first pilot colleges and universities for the "Education and Training Program for Outstanding Engineers" of the Ministry of Education.

The school has established long-term and stable inter-university cooperation with 207 well-known overseas universities and scientific research institutions in 29 countries and regions. To enhance students' international vision and professional level, the school has actively expanded more than 150 overseas exchange programs, including national public schools, joint training, exchange study, short-term exchange visits and overseas practice.

The business school of Dalian University of Technology is among just 1 percent of business schools worldwide that hold the 'ACE' (AACSB, CAMEA, EQUIS) of international accreditations. The achievement of the 'ACE' will further promote and deepen the international features and undertakings of the faculty, which will also serve as an opportunity to accelerate the construction of world-class disciplines and high-level business schools, and to continuously explore, continuously improve and work hard for the realization of the vision of "China's first-class business schools with wide international influence".

The school has a highly qualified faculty led by academicians and distinguished teachers (42 doctoral tutors and 43 professors). There are now more than 4,000 students in various categories, including more than 1,100 undergraduates, 640 graduate students, 200 full-time doctoral students, more than 1,800 professional degree students (MBA / EMBA / MEM / MPM) and more than 180 international students who have mastered various types of professional education. It has 2 post-doctoral research stations, 16 doctoral research stations, 22 master's degrees and 6 professional master's degrees authorized by MBA, EMBA, MPACC, ME, MEM and MFE, and has built the Liaoning Key Laboratory of Manufacturing Management Information, the National and Local Engineering Research Center for E-government, the Manufacturing Management Technology Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education, the Provincial Key Research Center for Manufacturing Management Technology Engineering Research, the Largest Research Base of Liaoning Province, the Research and the Research Center of Manufacturing Execution Engineering Research and the Development of Liaoning Province, and the Largest Business Innovation and the Research Center of Liaoning Province, and the Research Center of Modern Business Innovation, and the Largest Research Center of Liaoning Province.