Dalian University of Technology (DLUT) is situated in Dalian, a summer resort city with beautiful scenery and pleasant weather. Dalian attracts millions of domestic and international tourists each year, and is rated as the first model city of environmental protection in China. UN Environmental Protection Department named Dalian “The Best 500 Cities of Environmental Protection in The World”. Surrounded by woody hills from three sides and overlooking the blue sea, the garden-like campus of DLUT provides a quiet and secluded environment for academic study.

The school covers an area of 4.332 million square meters, building area of 1.548 million square meters. The school library has a collection of 2.992 million copies, and more than 58,000 Chinese and foreign electronic periodicals. The existing sports venues in the school area of 215,000 square meters.


The library of DLUT has an area of 25000 square meters and consists of three parts. The main part of the Bochun library, an area of 20000 square meters, viewing 2,230 seats, the old museum retained area of 3000 square meters, mainly used for storage stacks and the provision of literature and art books and other services; The City Campus chemical service area is 2000 square meters, the view seating is 300, Mainly provide the circulation of chemical and chemical documents, reading, photocopying and other services. It is to construct a modernized university library with work piece status, a research-oriented, open, multifunctional and highly civilized university Library, a university library which is close to the world advanced level in the aspects of document guarantee, information environment, service level and personnel quality.


Research Center & Laboratories

DLUT has strong scientific research and has one national training base (Dalian Senior Manager’s College, China), three national key laboratories (State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Fine Chemicals, State Key Laboratory of Industrial Equipment Structure Analysis), one national engineering research center (State Engineering Research Centre for Shipbuilding) and so on.



DLUT provides international students with comfortable apartments at the prices of 900 RMB/room/month (rent for at least three months). Rooms are facilitated with internet access, television and bathroom with 24-hour hot water. On each floor, there are public kitchen and laundry for International students. Students can live on campus too. Students can choose home-stay after they negotiated with the host family, which offered a separate room, breakfast and supper.


Catering Service

Dalian University of Technology Catering Service Center set up seven student canteens, respectively, for the central canteen, Qinyuan restaurant, five canteens, seven canteens, nine canteens, ten canteens, Bo international students canteen, Hui Mengyuan restaurant management center unified management. At the same time, drinking service center equipped with two production workshops, respectively for rice production room and meat processing room, drinking service center of meat procurement by Dalian Famous enterprises to monitor the production of food groups to set up food, monitoring and supervision and supervision procedures.

Student Activities

University campus culture is the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of the university, is the soul of the development of the university, is an important embodiment of rallying people, showing the image of the school and paying attention to the quality of talent cultivation. In order to promote the all-round development of students, Dalian University of Technology has carried out many student activities relying on the good humanistic environment of the university and taking the participation of teachers and students in various activities as the carrier. Student activities are broadly divided into academic activities, humanities activities, lectures, foreign affairs activities, competitions and theatrical performances. The influence and edification of campus culture on students is often incomparable to any curriculum.