DLUT International Summer/Winter Session

Theory & Practice in Science

  • 课程中文名:科学实践与哲学
  • Course Description
  • The sciences are widely considered to be one of our best sources of knowledge about the world. Philosophy of science is an applied discipline that examines the normative structure of scientific reasoning, with a focus on scientific practices. In this course we will investigate the nature and status of scientific knowledge. After this course you should possess a fairly well rounded view of the field, as well as a set of skills that will allow you to work further on your own.

  • Textbook(s)
  • Ladyman, James (2002). Understanding Philosophy of Science. London: Routledge. Sundnes, J. Introduction to Scientific Programming with Python. Springer; 1st ed. 2020 edition (July 1, 2020)

  • Instructor
  • Email: Yu Qin | Dalian University of Technology