DLUT International Summer/Winter Session

US History to 1877

  • 课程中文名:美国历史:1877年前
  • Course Description
  • This course explores American history through a thematic survey of colonial British North America and the early United States, from the first permanent English settlements of the early seventeenth century to the onset of the American Civil War. It studies how the United States, at first only a series of borderland outposts, became a sprawling national republic for the purpose of investigating factors that brought Americans together and those that tore them apart, as they struggled passionately over racial, religious, and sectional values.

  • Textbook(s)
  • 1.Who Built America? Volume One: Through 187: Working People and the Nations History; Author: American Social History Project, Publisher: MPS, Edition: 3, Year Published: 208
    2.Oroonoko, Author: Behn, Publisher: Penguin, Year Published: 203
    3.Heroic Slave, Author: Douglas, Publisher: Createspace, Year Published: 201
    4.Common Sense, Author: Paine, Publisher: Dover Press, Year Published: 197
    5.Villains of Al Nations: Atlantic Pirates in the Golden Age, Author: Rediker, Publisher: Random House, Year Published: 204

  • Instructor
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