DLUT International Summer/Winter Session

Global Population Issues

  • 课程中文名:全球人口问题
  • Course Description
  • This course explores the complex and multifaceted issues surrounding global population dynamics. It examines the interactions between population growth, demographic transitions, environmental sustainability, social development, and policy implications. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by various population trends on a global scale.

  • Textbook(s)
  • (1) The Population Bomb, Paul R. Ehrlich

    (2) The Coming Population Crash: and Our Planet's Surprising Future, Fred Pearce

    (3) Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decline, Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson

    (4) The Human Tide: How Population Shaped the Modern World, Paul Morland

    (5) Countdown: Our Last, Best Hope for a Future on Earth?, Alan Weisman

  • Instructor
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